Magical First Full Day

Our first full day was full of wonder, sunshine and smiles. New campers were learning the Chenny ropes and it didn’t take long for them to know where everything is. Only one day and our new kids looked as if they have been here for years. The sun was shining bright today and camp was a playground full of happy campers. After the morning of swim tests, it was right to activities and our Chenny kids were so incredibly happy. We sat and watched as our kids jumped right in. They left those devices and remotes at home and played outside…all day long. Our fields were packed with kids playing and more importantly, kids smiling from their heart. I sat and watched a group of Super boys have a catch in center camp. No words were spoken but so much was communicated. Maybe it was the peaceful look on their faces or the fact that these connections are so easily recaptured even after being away from one another for months. They tossed a ball and just enjoyed being with each other. It is the best part of watching your kids – Seeing them connect in the most real and authentic way. It takes my breath away every time I see it and it fills my heart with gratitude that they can find that connection here. It’s effortless and easy and exactly what they need. The stress from school, tests, crazy schedules, home friend drama and of course the pressures from the social media world our kids live in just all faded away. When you are here, you are truly free and our kids deserve this type of peacefulness.

It didn’t take long for our new kids to feel the love too. They may have just rolled into camp but the feeling is contagious and our newest Chenny kids embraced the day with piggy back rides, dance party in the Lodge¬† and boy did they enjoy playing all day long. To witness how quick our newest kids took to this place was pure magic. The bonds are being created and friendships are blossoming. It was just an absolute incredible day. When our world gets bigger, our world gets better and for our new kids their world just got whole a lot bigger. Everyone here is just so excited to meet the newest Chenny kids and they are most definitely feeling the LOVE. This is how we become one camp family.

Our first official full day of Summer 2019 is in the books and if today was any indication of what is to come in these next seven weeks, we are some very lucky people who have an amazing summer ahead of us.  Life is so Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!

Chenny out