The Most Epic Breakout…EVER!

The day started out like any other awesome day, sun was shining, happy kids going to activities and then it was lunch. All kids were enjoying the delicious BBQ brisket sliders when a message popped up on the movie screen in the Lodge. It read, stay in your seat… stay in the lodge…stay in your seat …stay in the lodge… it repeated for minutes until everyone was done with with lunch and their tables were cleared.. Then and just then another video began. It was an incredible highlight vid of internet and pop sensation Jake Miller. The kids were going bananas and then the video cut to a message Jake made for our kids. He said that he was hoping to making to Chen-A-Wanda this summer yadda yadda yadda but he couldn’t get out of LA yadda yadda yadda and it was great bumping into some of the campers in LA yadda yadda yadda then he looked into the camera and told us all to go to Shields Hall… Go now to Shields Hall. The Lodge erupted and everyone ran screaming Jake Miller is here!!!

They entered the Hall and a video played of incredible clips from Pixar and Dreamworks hit films. Then out from the side of the stage came our characters;¬† Poppy and Branch from The Trolls, Dore from Nemo, Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story, Sully from Monsters Inc. and Toothless from How to Train a Dragon. There was an excitement yet a hush because they thought Jake was waiting for them. After the movie video clip finished, Brian Leahy excitedly welcomed every to Color War 2018 a voice from behind the screen interrupted and said, “How ’bout I help breakout this Color War, It’s Me Camp Chen-A-Wanda Jake Miller. The Hall went CRAZY!!!! The screen lifted and he was here, Jake Miller was at our camp and it was unreal. Most of our younger campers had never heard of him but the excitement from our older kids set the tone. They were in and they knew something pretty special was happening at camp today. Jake welcomed everyone to Color War 2018 and then explained he was performing a private concert for all of us tonight! The crowd again went wild. The teams were announced and it was Red Pixar vs. Gold Dreamworks and with that we have a WAR!!!

Jake went by every single bunk and took bunk pictures with the kids. He was gracious and friendly, he was engaging and approachable. As he traveled all around Chenny, he was in amazement of how lucky our kids are to be at a place like this. He even spent some time tubing and playing in the Aqua Park. He was a camper for the day and loved every minute. Jake was in awe of the spirit here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and couldn’t get over that a place like this exists. After bunk pics it time for Tugs of War and our kids had the best time pulling for their team. The energy was off the charts. Jake brought the vibe and our kids ran with it. An absolute incredible Tugs of War we had.

The main event was Jake performing a private concert for our camp and it was AWESOME. He played his hit songs  proudly wearing a Chenny Staff shirt and the kids sang along in unison. We had a real live concert that was INCREDIBLE. There was so much spirit, so much love, so much Chenny pride and so many happy kids. It was an epic breakout and everyone knew it. Boys, girls, younger kids and older experienced something pretty special at camp today. We will never forget the summer that Jake Miller broke out Color War at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Life is Great!!

Chenny out.