Day 1 Color War Fun

Our campers could hardly sleep as they were filled with excitement from last night’s amazing breakout. The energy from last night’s Jake Miller show wiped us out but we were ready for day 1 of Color War to day. It is a feeling like no other, a feeling of competition, spirit, camaraderie, and just pure love of camp and all that it stands for. We were dodging the rain but nothing could stop our love of Color War.

The action packed morning was followed by an afternoon full of games. There was newcombe and softball, there was steal the bacon and soccer and of course a fierce BBG game. The kids were head-to-toe in Red & Gold and the serious Chenny pride was out and about.

After an amazing afternoon, the evenings event was Contest Night.  The weather was still a bit rainy so all of Contest Night was inside Shields Hall and though it couldn’t possibly get as loud as the night before, we went round 2 for insane energy in the Hall. The campers raced in relays, flying turtles, tunnels races, balloon pops and hippity hops. Games you only play at camp. Even if you were not competing you got into the groove.  There were Conga Lines that went all through the Hall. No matter what song played, the kids went nuts. Camp inspires us to let go and have fun no matter what we are doing.

It was a great day 1 of Color War ’18. This is by far the best part of camp. Color War embodies every important part of our incredible journey through the seven beautiful weeks we live at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Day 1 is in the books and there is so much more to go. Not taking one day for granted.


Chenny Out.