The Greatest Show

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t sit in awe of what kind of camp family we have here. The term family applies to every aspect of this experience. People who just met only 5 weeks ago are now a connected. You can’t walk by people here without feeling the strongest connection. Everyone knows one another. There was a camper that was having a hard moment today. He was sad and having a hard time and immediately had 10 people around him. I watched not only his bunk mates and counselor but 5 older campers and his CIT and a specialist that wasn’t even in his division, put their arms around him and gave support. He had a a team of people to pick him up. Whatever disappointment he was feeling was immediately seen by anyone who walked by and was drawn to help him. They listened to him, hugged him and got him through this moment. I want you to know that this is how your kids get through the tough spots here. It is the magic of leaning on others that gives a helping hand and allows those moments to be tolerable. It is a village who cares for your kids here. There is nobody that doesn’t receive this support here. Can you imagine feeling sad and having people, lots of people rush to you and tell you it’s going to be alright while they are literally putting their arms around you? This actually happens here on a daily basis here. I often tell our kids here that the only way to move that mountain in front of you is to lean on those around you and they will carry you through. It really works.  I see it everyday as your children get support and provide it for others. This caring thing is alive and well here and we get to experience this for 50 days, all summer long. Only two more weeks of it here but the effects stay with us forever and always. It is why we all come back here summer after summer. It is how we get through hard times and why our relationships are solid here.


Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Lohikan 1 – Chenny Wins Championship

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 6 vs. Lohikan 3

Inter Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 16 @ Westmont 11

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 10 vs. Starlight 8 – Chenny Wins Championship. I chose the quote above because this is exactly what happened in this Championship game. Our Super boys were trailing all through the game  and at the bottom the 5th inning we were down 5 to 1. As you see the final score, Chenny won 10 to 8 and clinched the Championship. After trailing for the entire game, we couldn’t go back to the beginning but we started where we were at and changed the ending. It was a moment the boys won’t soon forget and a lesson they will have throughout their lives.

It was our Broadway Review Show tonight and it was fabulous. The performers sang and danced and entertained us with their talents. The kids put on quiet a show and were just adorable. There is something magical that happens when our kids takes center stage, they shine and feel special. Bottom line is when you put yourself out there and perform a song, a dance, a poem  or whatever, our camp family embraces you. We stand and shout your name. We get behind you and let you know YOU ARE AMAZING!!! So our actors, singers and dancers put on The Greatest Show and we loved every minute of it.

Chenny out.