All In

Our GC’s rolled back into camp this morning and like the day we all arrived here, there was a crowd that gathered as the busses let the campers off. They looked exhausted, tan and so beyond happy. Each sporting their UCLA sweatshirts with bags in hand. Everyone gathered around the kids as they exited the busses and couldn’t wait to hear all about their trip. Even through their exhaustion from the red eye flight they just took last night, the elation on their faces said it all. I overheard one camper say, “I just can’t believe that happened to me. I t was like a dream.” This incredible group experienced something together that will forever connect them. The littlest Freshman to our CIT’s were so excited to see them back at camp. We are a family who sends our members off with hugs and high fives and greets them back home with more hugs and more high fives. No matter how awesome traveling can be, there is nothing like coming hime. Welcome Home GC’s!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Freshman/Junior Tennis

Middy Girls Basketball – CAW 6 vs. Tyler Hill 8

Middy Girls Tennis – CAW 2 @ Wayne 3

Collegiate Girls LAX – CAW 0 @ Westmont 4

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 8

Freshman/Junior Boys Hockey – CAW 8 vs. Westmont 2 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 13 vs. Westmont 2

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Tyler Hill 5

Fr/Jr/Middy/Inter Boys LAX – CAW 8 @ Westmont 18

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 38 vs. Tyler Hill 40

It was a PERFECT Chenny night with our Round Robin Night. Each division has their own evening activity and camp was buzzin’. There were pool parties, pizza making parties in the Shack, Quest in the Hall, cake wars in the Lodge, Spa Night in the Canteen, Movies in the Chen-A-Plex, Candy Sushi in the Cookhouse and a Road Rally. Camp was full of happy kids and awesome activities on this beautiful summer night. The weather was perfect but the vibe was even better. Just one of those nights that make you want to stop time.

Our Supers rolled back into camp around 10:30pm from their awesome trip to Vermont and Boston. When the kids got off the busses, it was all smiles and rave reviews. Every single camper couldn’t say enough about their journey and as one Super girl said as she hugged me as she exited the bus, “This was the best trip I have ever been on. Thank you so much for giving us this experience. We became one division on this trip.” The kids may have left as separate bunks but they came back a bonded division. Their smiles said it all.

So as of late tonight after our Supers returned, we are ALL IN. It feels like good to have the gang all back together. Now let’s get to the last 2 weeks.

Chenny out.