SuperStar Day

The Seniors, Supers and GC’s spent their morning at the largest paint ball course in North America. They geared up and got busy paint balling.  It was the last trip of the summer and it was a blast. When the buses rolled back into camp, we all knew that for the next 10 days it is the homestretch of summer 2021.

Since the big kids were out, the Rookies thru Collegiates had a very special day of their own here on camp. It was SuperStar day and it was a blast. They competed in a variety of challenges. There was Biddy City Lay Up Challenge, Dribbling Contest, Round the World Shot Contest, Obstacle Course, Relay Races, Run the bases, Throwing Strike Challenge and a true Ninja Warrior Course. The entire day was full of challenges, races and obstacles courses that were beyond fun. It was an incredible day of competition and fierce fun.

The night belonged to Boys side as the put on quite a show with Boys Lip Sync 2021.  We often hear from parents that they just can’t imagine their boys getting up on stage performing a dance in front of the entire camp. Every single boy on camp came together with their division and performed an absolutely incredible performance tonight.  From the cutest and most adorable Rookies through the hilariously talented GC’s, these boys put on a show that blew our minds. The entire Shields Hall was mesmerized as they watched, clapped and sang along with the boys on stage. I looked out at the crowd who all had smiles from ear-to-ear as they supported each other. Girls side was loving it as they cheered on boys side. It is the absolute best part of camp watching the support we give each other. We call it Chenny Pride but call it whatever you want, it is how we become family to one another. To see boys let loose, dance in front a packed house with such confidence and joy is awe-inspiring. They let go and felt free – this type of outlet for our boys is just plain beautiful and it is what camp is all about. What a night we all had and to add an extra special moment that nobody will forget, we had the most incredible Color War Fakeout. A combination of Nancy Tucker & Gary Shields (both Camp Legends) gave us a Fakeout that was AWESOME!!!!! For those who don’t yet know Nancy and Gary, you will and your kids sure do. It was a moment in summer 2021 that was beyond memorable and gave us some incredible Color War excitement!!!

As hard as it was to pick a winner tonight, lower camp winner went to the Juniors and upper camp was a unanimous decision as the GC’s brought down the house and earned the Win!!  An insanely fun night was had by all..Though camp may be nearing the end, there is so much more to do!!!