Jacks, Cards and Mad Libs

If you were to bring out a deck of cards, jacks and mad libs and told your kids this is what he/she and their friends will play with for hours on end day after day, would you ever think they would go for it? Not in my house either, but there is something about a deck of cards, jacks and mad libs in this house that can entertain your children all summer long. Collegiate girls brought out their jacks and had a tournament at free play on the porch of the fitness center. They sat around playing, laughing, telling stories as they played jacks. The conversation was hilarious, the tournament was fun and the time spent together is why our camp friends are our best friends. Where else would you find twenty 13 year old girls entertained for an hour playing jacks while conversing about that cute boy at snack call and how awesome the silent disco was the other night and of course trying guess when Color War is breaking out. Life is simple and easy up here and relationships are built on moments like these. No phones to distract us. No social media to worry about. Just sitting around being ourselves and playing jacks. I sat and watched these amazing girls until I had to jump in myself and join the fun. So it was me and the girls playing jacks, gabbing away and having a ball. As crazy as my day is running camp, a twenty minute jacks game was exactly what I needed. It was definitely my favorite part of the day.

There were games and tournaments galore today. Girls side Seniors vs. Supers went hard today at their basketball game and had a great time. We have some serious athletes in these divisions and they all loved the competition. Our freshman thru Middy girls had their own soccer tournament today. The fields were full and the campers loved it. Boys side did their thing too with some basketball and flag football games. Older boys went hard on the soccer field and the competition was fierce. Chenny kids brought their best today and it was just another incredible day.

The night blew our minds, literally. How can we possibly describe the evening activity we all experienced tonight. Chris the Mentalist read our minds and took our breath away. He knew what we were thinking and did things you just had to say, HUH??? The entire Shields Hall was just stunned at what he did and how he knew things. It was UNREAL and every camper walked out scratching their head wondering how in the world did that guy do that??? An awesome show and an end to a great day at Chenny!

Life inside Chenny is just so GREAT!!