Feeling Free

It’s an odd feeling being so removed from reality when you are here at camp and it is especially strange when we know what is the current climate outside our gates. Inside camp, there is no covid talk or worry about raising numbers or variants. It doesn’t exist here. Your children are outside playing, holding hands with their friends as they run to their next activity. After one biddy basketball tournament, it’s off to a flag football game. Your kids are free and have been living a life that doesn’t include the pandemic world we all were living. We have 12 more days to play without a worry in the world. We created a space, carved out in the most beautiful landscape that is safe for your children to just be kids. To literally run and jump and play all day. We won’t waste a moment of these next 12 days here and your children are embracing every day. You can see it on their faces and feel it in the energy here. We may not recall every activity we did or remember every detail that happened here at camp but you can’t forget the way you feel when you are here. That stays with you way after summer is over. Our hope is that when the kids are back at home and dealing with whatever we all may be facing, they can remember the way they felt over their summer at Chenny and it will put a smile on their face. That they spent their summer feeling free and connected. There has been no bigger joy for all of us watching your kids feel this free. It inspires us everyday.

It was a bit chilly tonight on camp with rain coming and going so it was a perfect movie night for our Rookies thru Inters. They got all cozied up in their jammies or comfy clothes, brought blankets and enjoyed a movie in Shields Hall. They munched on their canteen while watching a summer blockbuster. Our older kids had a cupcake wars and a game truck party with hibachi at the Chenny Shack.

Just a great night for everyone on camp and it’s not over yet. 1,2,3,4 they all want Color war!!!!!!!