Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

There are so many moments here at Camp that blow my mind and remind me how very special this experience is. The Chenny Shack is right out side my office and I often get to watch the kids as they make pizza or grill sitting at my desk. I have a front seat view to watch some pretty spectacular moments unfold right in front of me. As I was going through my emails, I couldn’t escape the delicious smell of fried rice that was being made right outside my office. I happily closed my computer and just sat and watched a group of GC boys stand around our hibachi cooktop, intently learning the techniques to make perfect fried rice. I could not hear what they were saying but every single boy had a smile on their face. A few of them had their arms around one another and then with the music bumping it turned into a dance party. There was food, friends, music and these boys were rocking out having an absolute ball. After they cooked their own food, they all sat down together and munched on the absolute best fried rice. The mood was contagious and everyone who passed the Shack was seeing what I was so intently tuned into – a group of 16year old boys cooking, spending time together and just loving it. When I see these moments, I have to stop and watch your children because I am in awe of just how happy they are. Great conversation, lots of inside jokes and a delicious bowl of homemade fried rice. It doesn’t get better then that.

Lights, Camera, Action…. It was our theater debut and it was FABULOUS. Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the gang did such an incredible job. It was everything you want in a production and our Frozen show was anything but cold. The kids worked so hard and dedicated themselves and it showed in a great performance. They sang, danced and acted into all our hearts tonight. Our performers shined bright on our stage tonight and they felt the love. We couldn’t have been more proud of our campers who entertained us with their talents. Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!