Red Retro Game Night vs. Gold Video Gamers – Color War Is Here!

All day, chatter around camp was about one thing, COLOR WAR!! The conversations were only about if today was that day and if breakout was happening. With each passing hour, anticipation grew. It was palpable and Color War was on everyones mind. Activities were under way but with each bugle, there was a suspicion that this was it. After snack call, everyone was on edge and it seemed like the wait was just pure agony for all who couldn’t wait any longer. But they would have to wait just a little bit more. We had a sing-a-long session in the Lodge as we all together sang at the top of our lungs. It was off to line up after dinner and with the announcements underway, you started to hear a drum line, that got louder and louder and louder and then the realization set in, THIS IS IT! Every camper ran to the drummers and they were jamming and oh so focused. They led the entire camp up the hill to our amphitheater. Just as everyone got settled in their seats, a helicopter flew by and dropped hundreds of foam gold and red balls and packaged cotton candy and it was AWESOME! It literally was raining red and gold. The drum line kept playing, the chopper kept flying by and then the red and gold smoke bombs took it to a new level. Color War is here and the excitement is felt by all. It’s Red Retro Game Night vs. Gold Video Gamers. A great theme for what is to be an awesome Color War 2021.

Everything about Color War brings out the best in each and every single person on camp. It allows us to be a part of a team, to fight for a common goal, to reach our own personal best, to support our friends, to celebrate our wins, to accept our defeats and to a part of something greater than ourselves. So for the next 5 days, we will be digging down deep, pushing ourselves and giving everything we’ve got. The road started tonight and we just cannot wait to see where it goes.