Sign & Song 2016

To say the day was incredible would be an understatement. Waking up to the bluest sky, with the cleanest crisp freshest air, the warmth we feel from the sun shining down on us and the greenest rolling mountains that surround our summer home, gives each one of us a connection to nature and has this incredible positive effect on how we feel. You walk outside and you are just in an awesome mood. When an entire community starts their day with this much positivity, it is hard to have a bad day. That is one of the many reasons why life is great here. We are all embraced by the beauty of our surroundings and it allows us to feel so good, all the time. I try and observe our campers experiences so you at home can feel what is happening here inside our gates but today was that kind of day that deserved a description of the beautiful landscape we live in and how it effects each one of us in the most awesome way.

Our Super boys had a day full of baseball as we hosted Camp Westmont with a double header tournament. They were on the field all day long and loved every minute of it. CAW won both games with a 8-0 victory followed by 2-1 win. More than the win, it was the fact that the boys played baseball all day and they couldn’t have been happier.

As some things change some just stay the same and one thing we can always count on to stay the same summer after summer here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda is Sign & Song. This very long-standing camp tradition is celebrated by so may who came before and you can count on this camp favorite every summer for years to come. Each bunk decorates a plaque that will forever be placed on the bunk walls. It is a tradition that cements your summer here at Chenny. Your name will forever be up on our walls, that you can count on. When any Chen-A-Wanda alum come by for a visit, the first thing they do is find their bunk plaque and grin ear to ear. Each bunk on girls side performs a dance they have worked on all week long. From the cutest Freshman through our beautifully talented CIT’s, the girls put on quite a show tonight. Boys side was cheering them on and nights like this makes us a camp family. There is a winner for lower and upper camp plaques as well as winners for dance in both camps. Tonight was incredible and we didn’t envy our judges as they had a tough time choosing the winners but a huge congratulations goes to the bunks that we’re crowned winners:

Lower Camp Best Plaque- Boys Bunk E and Girls Bunk F

Upper Camp Best Plaque – Boys Bunk W and Girls Bunk W

Winner of Sign & Song Dance: Lower Camp – Girls Bunk H / Upper Camp – Girls Bunk S

It was an electric night and another amazing Sign & Sing is in the books. All campers are sleeping peacefully and camp is quiet but only for a few hours until we rise and do it all over again.

Chenny out.




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