Building Cities

Today in Arts n’ Crafts there was a group of boys in our Lego room, all sitting around our new Lego tables each making their own works of art. Some made cars and raced them down our Lego track but everyone in that space was creating and having the best time.  I was watching them as they each worked alone and were completely focused on their project. This space allowed each camper to use their imagination as one camper said to me, “I built a triple decker firehouse, you wanna see what I made?” He was so proud showing me the trap door and the entrance for the fire trucks and it had a story. A few other boys came over to us and asked if they could add on to his firehouse which they all agreed how awesome it would be to connect all their pieces to create a city.  They got a plan of what this would look like and then the plan went into action. What started out as a single triple decker firehouse grew into an entire city. They started out alone and then were drawn together to work with one another. Right in front of my eyes, I saw their connection grow. They used these little colorful pieces to create a work of art and did it together. In a 45 minute period, these boys started out working alone and by the end were all together working in harmony, compromising with one another, negotiating, creating an entire city and this is what it is all about. These boys came to camp alone and are building cities together, with each other.

It was a great day for sports and tourneys at Chenny. We hosted a Collegiate Boys baseball tournament with Wayne, Westmont and Tioga.

Game 1: CAW 5 vs. Tioga )

Game 2: CAW 1 vs. Westmont

Game 3: CAW 8 vs. Wayne 1

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 30 vs. Tioga 2

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Tioga 1

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 1

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 17 vs. Westmont 37

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 9 vs. Tioga 1

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Weequahic 12

GC/CIT Boys Soccer – CAW 0 @ Starlight 2

We have so much talent here at Chenny and it’s just not our campers. Tonight out staff showed just how talent they are at our Staff Talent Show. They sang and danced and got up on that stage and were fearless. Our campers cheered for them with standing ovations and screams of pride. When one of us is on that stage, its as if each of us are on that stage. It what truly makes us a family. Another incredible day here in Paradise.

Chenny out.


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