One Week and Loving It

It has been only one week since we arrived here at Chenny and it feels like we have always been here. There is a comfort, a familiarity, a sense of home and it’s only been 7 days. Crazy how much happens in a day and times that by seven and you get a bond between every single one of us here at CAW.  This summer has started out with so much positivity, so much incrediblae energy, tons of kindness and an overall vibe of complete happiness to be here. You can feel it and it is real is as real is. When you see kids skipping to breakfast, holding hands, feeling totally comfortable sitting on the shoulders of their counselors, laying in laps of their friends at line up, getting form one activity the next from piggy back rides, you know the feeling is just pure comfort and security. And we all just got here only 7 days ago. It happens quick and it lasts all summer long. These connections have happened and the magic of this place is no illusion – Everyone is feeling the Chenny love!!!

Our athletes gave it al they got today on our courts and fields. They played hard, they played fair and we couldn’t be more proud of our kids today.

Middy Girls Basketball – CAW 30 vs. Poyntelle 7

Collegiate Girls Softball – CAW 13 vs. Island Lake 2

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 1 @ Westmont 7

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Poyntelle 5 (CAW wins in overtime shoot out)

Freshman/Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 1 @ Westmont 6

Senior Boys Flag Football Tourney @ Trails End – CAW lost in Semi Finals to Tyler Hill 13-14

Super Boys Tennis – CAW 1 @ Wayne 4

GC/CIT BOYS LAX – CAW 7 @ Westmont 10

We honored our campers of the week tonight and and there is nothing like seeing their faces when their names are called. Every week, the Group Leaders choose one camper from their division to honor and highlight. To receive this honor is saying that these campers have great character, are good friends, are helpful, have positive attitudes and are just great kids all -around.  It is an incredible honor to be named Camper of the Week.  A huge congrats to our amazing campers of the week on this first week of camp.

Freshman – Brianna Duetsch & Cole Wallis

Junior – Sloane Irizarry & Matthew Donchek

Middies – Dara Heifler & Drew Schimer

Inters – Aydan Goldstein & David Stulberger

Collegiates – Dani Covey & Jed Katz

Seniors – Emily Weiss & Jordan Saltzman

Supers – Maya Cohen & Reid Feldman

GC’s – Brooke Mohr & Sam Rochlin

CIT’s – Rachel Schier & David Smolowitz

Tonight was an absolutely incredible night as our GC’s and CIT girls played flag football under the lights. It was Powder Puff Night and it was so much fun. The girls played ball and the boys cheered the crowd on. There were prizes and giveaways all throughout the game. The kids had the best time and of course in true Chenny style it was a spontaneous dance party. We love dancing her at CAW and why not bust out with the Cha Cha slide at a football game. They rocked tonight and our girls played with their heart. This year the CIT’s brought home the victory and they deserved it. The crowd was cheering them on all the way and everyone felt part of this game. It was a night we wont forget.

Chenny out.




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