Deal or No Deal

We had another beautiful day here at Chenny. It was late wake up this morning and though we’ve only been here for 5 days, it has been a packed 5 days and the sleep-in was so great.  We’ve been playing hard all day and all night long so the extra hour felt amazing. Here at Chenny, we go to breakfast in our pajamas – just like were home. Roll out of bed and head to the kitchen and today was a camper favorite as we all filled our bellies with the best chocolate chip pancakes. A great way to start our day. So we have nourished our bodies and then it was off to play.  The sun was shining, the lake was glistening and camp was full of smiling happy campers.

So much happens in a day here. There were more team tryouts, theater auditions for our show Legally Blonde and the campers were so excited about this years Chenny’s Got Talent show. Campers auditioned for the show and brought their “A” game. There were singers and dancers, comedians, musicians, jugglers and other talents you just have to wait and see for yourself. As each camper took that stage to show what they got, it blew our mind how talented our kids are. Some went in groups and some rocked it all buy themselves. This years show will blow our minds, that you can bank on.

As the sun set over fiddle lake and campers enjoyed free play, which is the time of the day after dinner when kids get to roam around, be with friends and enjoy some unstructured time, we saw something that we had never seen before. Our Dance director had an impromptu Zumba class and there were well over 100 campers that jumped in danced to amazing music and worked up quite a sweat. It was insane fun and the campers loved it.

Evening activity was a blast as our campers played Deal or No Deal. It was electric and so much fun. One camper who played just would’t take a deal as he watched pizza parties and extra canteen for his bunk pass him by. He had his site set on one thing and was playing until he got it. The last case held what he wanted and as the crowd was trying to sway him to take a deal actually any deal for that matter, this cherokee camper wanted the new Chenny baseball hat and in that last possible move – a suitcase turned over and the prize was that hat. He cheered as if he won the lottery tonight and walked out of Shields Hall with the best looking baseball hat on his cute little head. A deal was made and our camper was happy. Doesn’t get better than that. A great day and an awesome night. What life at Camp Chen-A-Wanda is all about.

Chenny out.

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  1. I absolutely love reading your blogs every day Elissa!! I love knowing what a fun day you’re all having!! Thanks for writing these so beautifully.

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