Love is in the air at Chenny

Imagine for a moment a world where no electronics existed. There were no tears or heartbreak because you weren’t invited to that party you saw on someones snapchat story or because you weren’t tagged in a picture on Instagram. A world where group texts didn’t exist and that cold isolating screen was replaced with the warmth of your friend laughing at your jokes. You could see his face and feel her emotion when you have conversation. There is empathy that develops when you see how your words and actions can effect those around you. It isn’t just keys you press to communicate.┬áCamp is the ultimate environment that brings us together rather than keeps us apart. I was watching our CIT’s tonight sit around a table after evening activity, some on each others laps, some leaning against one another but the entire circle was connected by human touch. I sat and stared at this group of 16 year olds talking about anything and everything. It reminded me of how things used to be and one of them said, “I am so happy we don’t have our phones – Look at us.” That said it all. Camp makes us better versions of ourselves.

The day was incredible and the campers are taking advantage of every corner we have here at Camp. Gaga games were full of happy kids, the biddy courts had campers playing on them, the spin room was spinning all day long. It just doesn’t get better than this. Today was our get together for our Littles and Bigs. We love this program where we paired up our new Chenny kids with campers who have been here for years. They pass the torch to the new kids just starting their journey and our camp family grows. When you watch the Littles and their Bigs, you see why Camp Chen-A-Wanda is so full of love, laughter, joy and kindness. We take care of on another up here. We are a family.

Love was in the air as our evening activity was a camp favorite, The Dating Game. We had bachelors and bachelorettes and it was a great night. The laughter coming from Shields Hall was deafening. It is a night we all look forward to. Starting with the freshman all the way to the CIT’s – the questions were awesome and the answers were even better. It was a day full of love here at Chenny. Just doesn’t get better than this.

Chenny out.

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