Rain Makes Everything Grow

The morning started off with a bit of rain and up here in paradise, rain doesn’t impede on our spirit or outlook on what kind of day we will have. Rain makes everything grow so down shifting from playing outside and running around is replaced with playing chess, checkers and cards inside. I walked into the Lodge this morning where groups of Freshman, Junior and Middy boys were playing together. There were tables of kids playing Jenga and the concentration was intense. There was so much coordination and teamwork as the group decided together which piece needed to be removed. They were inspecting the giant tower in front of them and each camper had a say in what is the best piece. In the end, the tower fell but together they built it right back up and started all over again. This may have been just a fun game they were playing but I see it as something so very different. These fortnite playing boys weren’t in their basement, secluded from the world around them only chatting with friends on line, they were sitting together deciding together which piece to go for. They were slow and deliberate and made a group decision together, face to face. They felt pure elation when the piece they decided on came out perfectly still allowing the tower to stand. And when that one piece they moved made their tower tumble, they all together rebuilt it and tried again. I often try to relay the connections that are made here and building Jenga towers couldn’t prove my point more perfectly. Together they can do absolutely anything.

Our Supers have embarked on their incredible trip to Vermont and Boston. Their day started out early as they boarded the buses and off they went to Vermont. First stop was to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and every camper loved touring this incredible facility and of course made their every own Teddy Bears. It may be years since these kids played with stuffed animals but not a single camper didn’t have the best time making their very own Teddy Bear that they will forever cherish. Then it was off to a Dakin farm where our kids got to sample the local syrups and cheeses. They enjoyed what Vermont has to offer. To top off a perfect Day 1, our campers ended their night with a tour at Ben & Jerry’s Original Ice Cream Factory. Teddy Bears and Ice Cream, an absolute ideal day for our super Supers!!!

“Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations” – anonymous

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 6 @ Westmont 4

Our GC’s are still wandering and are having a trip of a lifetime as they have just spent 4 incredible days in LA, then Vegas and then off to the Grand Canyon. To say these GC’s are literally having the trip of a lifetime is an understatement. It’s great to be a GC!

If you know Chenny, you know we LOVE to surprise our kids. We keep them on their toes and will always have fun things planned for them. With that said, it was time to surprise our incredible CIT’s with a mystery trip. These kids have worked so hard providing support and friendship to our younger campers as they CIT each and every day. So as they have given so much this summer, it was our turn to give to them. They have been receiving hints and clues to an upcoming mystery trip and the suspense was driving them crazy. There was so much speculation but in the end this was a very well kept secret. They had NO IDEA and we loved it. Only given 30 minutes to get ready, they boarded coach buses and off they went without a clue to where they were headed. The excitement was palpable and after a long luxurious, they ended at MetLife Stadium to see Taylor Swift in concert. They had the absolute best time and this very special group of kids who has spent the past 7/8 summers together, are ending their Chenny camper career with a bang. So much love this group has for one another and we couldn’t be happier to provide a night they wont forget. Seeing a concert with your brother sand sisters, singing in unison – there is just nothing like it. Lucky kids!!

For our Cherokee and Mohican campers , the night was spent with Wet and Wacky Games. Power House Studios came to play and I’m talking pie in the face kind of play. These games made you gut laugh and the kids had an absolute ball tonight. Rain or shine, Chenny kids just know how to have fun. It was a great day followed by an incredible night. Nothing beats living up here all summer long.

Chenny out.