And The Chenny Globe Goes to….

“We Are Not a Team Because We Work Together. We Are a Team Because We Respect, Trust and Care for Each Other.” – Steve Young

Junior/Middy/Inter Girls LAX – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 10

Super Girls  Softball – CAW 6 @ Poyntelle – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Super Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Starlight 5

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 14 vs. Wayne 28

Seniors Boys tennis – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 5

It was time again to name our Campers of the Week and  we are proud to highlight just how amazing these campers are and the joy they bring to camp. We thank them for their outstanding contribution day in and day out. They make a difference here and our camp is better for having kids like this at Chenny!

Freshman – Eve Lindenauer & Brady Kotler

Juniors – Maya Knobloch & Alex Minkoff

Middies – Sydney Mallah & Max Eber

Inters – Jordan Fersko & Alec Glazer

Collegiates – Sydney Garfield & Brett Davner

Seniors – Jillian Oresky & Scott Steinberg

Supers – Lexi Tave & Alex Levine

CIT’s – Lily Glickman & Kobe Koren

Tonight was Chenny Globes, our annual awards show and the kids absolutely love it. Everyone got dressed up for Chenny’s big Award Show. There is a red carpet, Paparazzi and of course the Globes. This is a real deal Hollywood-esque celebrity show. Tonight’s Globes goes to:

Dynamic Duo – Jerry Kessler & Josh Shiffman / Gracie Frankle & Jesse Jaffe

Most Likely To Star in a Marvel Movie – Derek Herzog & Livia Sherman

Most Likely To Invent Time Travel – Jason Kimelman & Sara Agsteribe

Most Likely to be in the Olympics – Mike Hellerman & Jordyn Fersko

Best Camp Spirit – Jake Seilback & Addy Goldstein

Best Siblings – Nick & Jack Einzig / Lyla, Landon & Justin Miller

Most Likely to Host their Own Talk Show – Wesley Schnell & Dylan & Maddy Grabow

Most Likely to Decalre World Peace – Cole Weiss & Jolie Weiss

Most Likely to be a Voice Actor in a Pixar Movie – Jordan Shamus & Hailey Nydish

Celebrity Look-a-Like – Noah Simon & Jack Gleeson / Zoe Heyman & Zoey Deschanel

To feel the energy and spirit we had in Shields Hall tonight was to be present for something spectacular. Nights like tonight are summer standouts and define why we are a family here. We cheer for one another, we clap for each other and we all celebrate when our friends are nominated and win these awesome awards. The power of this place can take your breath away and it can move mountains. And the winners are…..Chenny Kids.

Chenny out.