Nights at Chenny

It was an incredibly gorgeous day with the sun shining bright and very slight chill in the air. Campers spent the entire day in regular activities and the weather could not have been more perfect. There is so much activity during the day but I must highlight the night we all had. Evening activity was insanely fun for every single camper and tonight was just an epic evening. It was Round Robin night and that means that each division had their own activity that was over-the-top fun.

Freshman Boys spent their night making the coolest Lego Race cars and racing them against each other. It was nascar lego style and it was so much fun. They collaborated on design and built some pretty cool cars. Our Freshman girls had a cupcake decorating party in The Cookhouse. They created delicious masterpieces and of course had the most fun when they ate what they made. It was a night-time pool party for the entire Junior division. What could be more fun that a swim party at night? ┬áThe Middy boys were at the baseball field and had their own home run derby. They loved it! The Middy girls were in the Chen-A-Plex, all in their jammies watching a movie. The Inter and Collegiate divisions were in Shields hall playing The Quest. It’s hard to describe but ask your camper about the Quest and they will just say one word, AWESOME!!! Our Seniors enjoyed a trie tailgate party with snacks, s’mores and a fun coed social party. The Supers had their own bonfire under the stars. It was Trivia night for our GC’s who had an amazing time playing for some incredible fun camp prizes. They were all in the Canteen, putting their heads together in this fun trivia competition. The CIT’s enjoyed their evening of MTV Music awards. Each group had the BEST time. It was one of those nights that just felt great. There wasn’t a group that didn’t love their night. It was an ideal summer night.

Then it was off too bed for our kids. Jon and I walked around boys and girls side saying goodnight to the kids and what happens inside those bunks at bedtime is even more engaging than the activities they just finished. We went bunk to bunk saying goodnight to the kids and we walked into a girls bunk who happened to be doing Rose and Thorn which is a activity during flashlight time when each camper is quiet in their bed and then one-by-one, share their Rose(favorite part) of the day and their torn(least favorite) thing they did that day. It was incredible to listen to each one of them share what brought them joy and things they liked the least today. It was peaceful and quiet and each camper had a chance to share with a captive audience. What each one shared mattered and the incredible piece was that each camper listened. Within minutes of the last camper sharing, they all fell peacefully asleep. It was so sweet and the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Chenny out.