CIT’s Set The Tone

There is something I’ve learned after running this camp for the last ten years and it’s that our CIT’s set the tone for how spirited and connected our camp feels. We’ve watched our oldest kids grow from their junior year till now. Seeing them develop into who they are right now has been a privilege that I can’t quite put into words. They start the chants, the spread the cheers and they can electrify a room with their love for Chenny. Our younger kids look up to them and even the kids just a few years younger want to be them. There is an aura in being a CIT here at Chenny and that feeling blankets every single division. Some years have stood out more than others but these kids have started this summer with such incredible and contagious camp spirit it is just awesome. Being a CIT is the first step into truly owning a sense of responsibility and giving unselfishly to the campers they CIT for. They are learning to care for others and give of themselves. They assist for 3 periods a day with a bunk of campers and the other periods throughout their day, they can do whatever activities they choose. I knew this group was bound for greatness as their Group Leaders pulled me aside and asked me if it was ok for the CIT’s s to work with their kids for more than the assigned 3 periods. They loved working with their kids so much and just wanted to do more. So when our CIT’s have the opportunity to be off or go to activities themselves, they are choosing to spend time with their kids. They are litterally passing on their love for Chenny to the kids just starting out. That relationship makes this summer family a giant circle with no beginning or no end. It is a continuous feeling of love and camp spirit and this group of incredible CIT’s are defining how incredible summer 2017 will be.

The fields were full of athletes trying out for teams, the studios and stage were packed with campers auditioning, the trapeze was in full swing with circus auditions and Arts & Crafts was hopping with kids creating works of art. It was a perfect camp day and you could see it on the faces of our kids. Happy and content would be the best description. Your kids have let go, gotten into their groove and embraced living happy and content for the next 48 days. It was Bingo night at Chenny and the prizes were flying. Kids were screaming with excitement as they won pizza parties, milk shakes for their bunk and Chenny fidget spinners for their entire division. If you can imagine your kids having the time of their lives screaming out “BINGO”. Evenings here are unlike anywhere else. You can have the most incredible time as you and your buddies laugh and scream out loud that you only need 1 more until you have BINGO. No fancy video games, no sitting in front of the TV, no staring at screens – just good old fashion fun with a bingo board and a room full of excited happy kids playing a game that they may never play at home – This is CAMP!

Chenny out.