It’s Only A Day Away

We all know what is happening tomorrow and we just can’t contain the excitement. We spent the day getting our summer home ready for you and it looks beautiful.  In just a few short hours, our families will be lining up down camp road and visiting day 2016 will officially begin.

Our athletes were focused and fierce today as they played hard on the courts and fields.

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 7 @ Wayne 2

Collegiate Girls  Softball – CAW 11 vs. Starlight 2

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 6 @ Poyntelle 1

Super Girls Tennis – CAW 4 @ Poyntelle 1

GC/CIT Girls Basketball – CAW 33 vs. Westmont 44

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 7

Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 7 @ Wayne 11

Another fantastic week has passed by and another huge congratulations to the following Campers of the Week!!!!

Freshmen –                         Ellie Berlin                 Chase Goldman

Junior –                               Emma Plotkin            Landon Miller

Middies –                            Julia Fitzsimmons      Brett Hafkin

Inters –                               Cori Holzman               Ethan Schwartz

Collegiates –                      Maya Hoffman              Jordan Yagaloff

Seniors –                             Charlie Feldman           Ben Brett

Supers –                             Gabby Katz                     Ben Einzig

GC’s –                                 Rachel Stulberger         Jacob Hersley

CIT’s                                   Daisy Zand                    Alex Croen

We have some extremely KIND campers and the overloaded submission box was packed to the rim this week. The nominations were beyond kind and heartfelt. Our campers saw the special things their fellow campers did for one another and there is nothing sweeter than them taking notice and nominating their friends.

This weeks Kind Campers are:

Shelby Myers, Molly Isen, Sara Agsteribe, Maddy Grabow, Jamie Scheman, Sophia Jaffe, Shaya Roth, Ally Yagaloff, Sydney Rosenberg, Maya Hoffman, Julia Peskin, Daisy Chaskin, Jordan Stone, Jordan Goldklang, Jed Katz, Jack Komson, Jack Santoro, Jack Bazarnick, Ethan Simpson, Eli Kellner, David Stulberger, Max Leff, Matt Glickman, Matthew Doncheck.

Tonight was off the charts fun with our annual Chenny Jam Basketball Game. Girls were head to toe in pink and boys wore all black. It was Girls vs. Boys in this extremely high energy crazy fun game of basketball. When the video comes out, you gotta watch how much fun we all had. The game was insane and the free give-aways all throughout the night was so much fun for our campers. The players put on quite a show tonight. Boys side brought home the win tonight but everyone left with a smile on their face as if they had floor seats at the Garden. What a great night we had.

Only a few more hours until you get to hug your children and hold them tight. We can’t wait to see you in the morning. We wish you nothing but an incredibly joyful day with your family tomorrow. Happy Visiting Day.

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda

Chenny out.