Feeling The Love

What we all experienced today was magical.  The weather was unbelievably ideal, the day was perfect and the Chenny love was felt al over camp today. It was our plan to show you what an amazing time we have been having here so far and from the looks of it, you got it. You experienced a glimpse of what happens here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and how your children have made this place their summer home.

Watching you embrace your children and holding them so tight was beautiful. You just can’t prepare for the emotions that happen on visiting day. Today belonged to you and your family and we hope you had an amazing day. We sure did. Hopefully you saw your kids happy, safe and loving their summer home.

After you all left today, it was back to camp life and believe it it or not the kids had room for dinner even after all the goodies you left them with. Their evening tonight was group activity night and each group had a blast. There was Quest in Shields Hall for all of Mohican, Supers enjoyed a movie in the Chen-A-Plex, Cherokee campers had trivia night in the Lodge and Seniors & GC’s spent their night chilling in their bunks relaxing after a great day. CIT’s were hanging out together in The Hangout playing cards and having a great time being together.

What makes today so special other than the obvious of spending time with family, is the bonding that happens after you leave. So many emotions and tons of tears but when your camp friends and counselors wrap their arms around you and pick you and tell you everything will be alright, those bonds are why these friendships are so strong. It’s at these moments of vulnerability that bring us together and why our camp friends become our family. There is nothing fun about watching your family leave on visiting day but when you are literally surrounded and embraced by your camp family, there is nothing you cant get through. All the tears dried up and were replaced with laughter, all the sadness went away and instead it was a feeling of being supported and our campers coped with all these feelings tonight with friends by their side. Not one camper is stuck. Not a single one. They get through it here, they face it here, they overcome it here. I always tell our campers to be the river, not the rock. Tonight all of your children, chose to be the river.

We have had three amazing weeks and cannot wait for the next four. It just gets better and better. We are living the dream up here and are so glad you had a day to experience what our summer home feels like every single day. Thank you all for a day we will never forget.

Chenny Out