There is No Breaking News Here

What an absolutely incredible day we had with all our families here at camp yesterday. It was spectacular day and we love showing off our summer home but today it was back to camp and everyone was ready to play. I rarely get the opportunity to sit and watch the kids play but I took some time today at the waterfront and it was mesmerizing. Fiddle Lake was glistening and all I saw were happy kids playing in it. I walked down to the dock where two boys were contemplating jumping in. One was a bit more tentative than the other and without missing a beat, he reached¬†out to his buddy, held his hand and said,'”Let’s jump in together” and that is exactly how one camper encouraged his friend to jump in the lake. They did it together and then swam off in that glistening inviting lake. I was so happy I was present for that moment. The tentative camper took his hand, literally and jumped in literally. If you could have seen the happiness on his face, it was priceless, truly priceless. Then I just sat and watched all the kids in the lake. I turned off my walkie, sat back and watched what was right in front of me. A lake full of happy kids without a care in the world. Being up here in this little secluded space allows us to breathe, to play, to not worry, to live in the moment, to let go, to be brave, to cope and to appreciate the simple things like jumping in a lake with a friend. For 7 weeks, there is no Breaking News Story that our children see on the news of some horrible shooting we try and shelter them from and have difficulties trying to explain why they happen in the first place. I truly believe that is why they are so free here. So I sat and watched your children play so fearlessly and full of life. It is a joy I cant quite explain and a privilege I treasure.

Our GC’s are going out of their mind with excitement as they are within hours of leaving on their West Coast trip. The buses pull out of camp at 2am heading to JFK for a trip of a lifetime. We sat with the GC’s today going over the itinerary and all the amazing things they are going to experience for the next 11 days. An absolute trip of a lifetime. My exact words to them were, “Enjoy every minute, treasure every experience, keep your eyes wide open and appreciate that you will never ever again travel with 50 of your friends the way you will for next 11 days.” Every single camper in that meeting had a smile on their face and excitement in their eyes. This is the ultimate best of both worlds. They are a true camp family and they have grown closer and more inseparable over the years but this trip bonds them together forever in a away that no teen tour can ever do. It is they own teen tour as a group of 50 incredible positive, happy Chenny Kids!!!!! Off they go to have the trip of a lifetime…

I must apologize but i don’t have any scores form todays games. I will post them in the morning.

Tonight brought a whole new level of greatness as our Head Staff battled on the stage with a camp favorite, Lip Sync. It was incredible. The lip syncing, the choreography, the entertainment, the costumes and the sheer brilliance of how much fun they all had. Each competitor involved the campers of the division they were representing. It;s a must watch when the video comes out. The kids LOVED tonight’s evening activity and 9 acts went down to 5. The Lip Sync Finals are going to be one amazing show. Chenny Head Staff ¬†brought it tonight.

Chenny out.