Camp is Buzzing

There is a buzz about camp and we all know what is just around the corner. Arts and Crafts is busy with campers making posters to welcome their families who are headed our way this weekend. Lots of excitement and chatter for Visiting Day and tons of Chenny pride. You can feel the energy and listen to the excitement. Your kids have had 3 incredible weeks and they just can’t wait to see you, show you around their summer home and introduce to our insanely talented staff. Camp is looking beautiful and we are getting ready for you.

It was a full day sports for our Chenny athletes. They played hard, gave it their all and had a great time just playing.

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 4 vs Tioga 5

Upper Camp Girls Gymnastic Team Placed 8th in the Bryn Mawr Tourney

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 30 @ Tioga 40

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 17 vs. Westmont 20

GC/CIT Girls Softball – CAW 2 @ Poyntelle 8

Inter Boys Hockey – CAW 6 @ Wayne 11

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 35 @ Lavi 29

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 44 vs. Tioga 15

Super Boys Basketball – CAW 21 vs. Morasha 42

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 8 @Tioga 4

GC/CIT Boys Hockey – CAW 2 @ Westmont 11

The night was Wacky, Wild and Full of Slime. It was Powerhouse night for our Cherokee and Mohican campers and they loved every minute of it. The rubber chicken toss was hilarious, getting pied in the face was priceless and getting slimed with the green goo was the cherry on top! This was the perfect night for our Cherokee and Mohican campers who loved this live actioned packed game show kind of night. Th giggles and laughter were plentiful.

And the fun continued as we always love keeping out kids on their toes so this night was an ideal night to surprise our kids  with a fun night out. They all thought they were watching an in camp movie of Back to the Future but instead we surprised them with a trip to a Roller Skating Rink, Laser Tag and Mini Golf Center. They FREAKED with excitement. They had an hour to get ready and get out the door and there wasn’t a camper who wasn’t hustling to make this happen. They jumped on this buses and off they went to have an amazing night. It was old-fashioned fun and our kids loved every minute of it. We greeted them as they rolled back into camp and as they got off the bus their response was an overwhelming thumbs up!!! They had a ball and night that will stick out as a summer favorite. Roller skating with friends is as good as it gets. A perfect summer night thing to do.

Only one more day until you get to hug your babies. Many of you start that journey tomorrow as you stay at nearby hotels, getting closer to your incredible children who we adore. Safe travels and we will see you in 1.

Chenny out!