Color War Fake…Then…A Color War Break

It was a regular kind of day, sorta..The sun was shining, activities were poppin’ but all chatter was about Color War. Fields were full, zumba was packed, lake was the place to be but you just couldn’t escape color war talk. Rumors went flying from “I hear there will be a marching band coming through camp tomorrow.” to “I heard they may cancel Color War this year.” Regardless, the talk was all about it today and you could feel the energy. It was as if every bugle that rang and every song that came on in center of camp was a clue. The tension was real and excitement was growing. The day was coming to an end with nothing yet. Dinner came and nothing yet was out of the ordinary until….dessert was called and like normal, the Division Heads headed back into the kitchen to bring it out. Just then in the middle of a huge sing-a-long party to Build Me Up Buttercup, the music stopped and out came each Division Head sporting a Krispy Kreme hat carrying boxes and boxes of hot and fresh donuts. The kids went nuts and a video played on the giant screen of krispy kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts. The Lodge erupted as everyone enjoyed their donuts. Just as the video ended, it #fakeout! There wasn’t a staff or camper who didn’t absolutely go gaga for this fakeout. This is what Color War is all about and why our summers are spectacular. Color War is coming but not just yet.

It was time for Chenny Globes, which is a camp favorite award show. Not your typical awards but the ones that living here for 6 weeks makes total sense to us. Most likely to be a Head Staff Member or Camp Comedian or even Most Likely to Win the XGames. So many categories and just so much fun. The kids love this evening activity and so do the staff. We even have some fun categories just for them, Most Likely to have their own reality show and Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse to name a few.  It was a night of laughs and fun and when the show was over and Brian Leahy was dismissing the campers, the lights turned off and the siren alarmed. There was a mission impossible style note going across the screen directing everyone to center camp. That was all that was needed for the kids stampede of happy excited campers to run to center camp. The music started and the firework show began. It was like those fireworks were right above our heads so close we could touch them. With each new song that played, out came a character. There was Darth Vader and Obe One and some dressed as Game of Thrones Favorites. There was even William Wallace from Braveheart and as the finale of our firework show ended music from Back to the Future started and in rolled the Delorean, flux capacitor and all. The kids went crazy for this crazy cool car and out camp Mart McFly. The stage was set with all the characters and our 2019 Color War was officially underway. Red Medieval Madness vs. Gold Sci-Fi Fantasy is set to be one incredible War! Lets GO!!!

Chenny out