Campers of Week 5

Totally forgot to add this to last nights Blog – A huge congratulations to this weeks Campers of the Week!!! They earned it, they deserve it and we are oh so proud of them!!

Freshman – Emerson Shulman & Zach Lederman

Juniors – Alexis Burbank & Mason Slater

Middies – Lindsay Gelfman & Max Schwartzberg

Inters – Jordyn Hansel & Jake Seilback

Collegiates – Addie Rubovitz & Jack Wellikoff

Seniors – Sydney Garfield & Drew Schimer

Supers – Lexi Tantleff & Seth Haber

GC’s – Evie Glickman & Matthew Kellner

CIT’s – Maddy Marcus & Parker Schnell

Way to go to our amazing Chenny kids!!!!!!