Tuesday Trip Day

The fun just continues here with our first divisional trips today. Our Cherokee Camp (Freshman – Middies) spent their morning in regular activities and lunched out side in center camp in the bright warm sunshine. There was rain in the forecast so after lunch, they all boarded the buses and headed to the movies. It was a great chilled out afternoon for our youngest campers as they munched on popcorn and got to see some fun summer blockbusters. Then it was back to camp for a BBQ dinner. The rain came through camp right when all of Cherokee camp was safe and sound back in their bunk playing fun bunk games. They had a fantastic day.

Mohican Camp (Inters & Collegiates) spent a full day at Dorney Park and they had the best day ever. They went on rides galore. It was a sunny beautiful day spent with friends riding roller coasters and having the time of their lives. Exactly what an ideal summer day looks like. When the buses rolled in and our campers rolled off the buses, some campers took off giant stuffed animals they won at the park.  It was a great day spent with great people.

Navajo Camp (Seniors-GC’s) spent began their day at Camel Beach for some fun in the water park. It was great way to beat the heat while having the time of their lives.  They swooshed down the toilet bowl, got lazy down the lazy river, slipped down the slip and slide and got bounced off the giant bungee blob. Then it was time dry off and head out to the Crossings for some fun shopping at eating and that is exactly what they all did. It was a packed day of fun for our Navajo campers

Our CIT’s enjoyed a packed day as they enjoyed breakfast at Binghams. If you have never been there, it needs to be on your bucket list as the world Best Breakfast!!! Then it was straight to Walmart and the Mall for some afternoon shopping. As they worked up an appetite, they headed to Hibachi for a delicious dinner. To round off their perfect day, it was a night at the movies. As the storm rolled through our area, the theater they were at experienced a power outage so they loaded they vans and headed back to camp. A fantastic day and night for our CIT’s as they had a blast on their trip day.

All the campers are safe and sound back in their bunks, all exhausted from an amazing day out. What a successful first trip day, full of memories that will last a lifetime. Your children were absolutely fantastic and every place our Chenny kids were today, we received praise on how well behaved and respectful our campers are.  Gotta love that. We sure do. As the trips were uber-successful, we dodged the storm and had the best day ever.  No rain can ever dampen our spirits up here as the fun will always continue at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out