The Power of Friendship Bracelets

We woke up to a gorgeous sunny summer morning and everyone rolled into breakfast in their cozy jammies.  After we ate our delicious breakfast, it was time to get down to camp business and get outside for some serious fun. Camp was hopping and everyone was outside having a blast.  The Cookhouse was cooking some amazing desserts and the School of Rock was just rockin’. The fields were full of active kids and we were flying on the trapeze. Walking around camp its truly an awesome site seeing our campers hit homeruns over the Big Red Monster at the Wiffle Ball stadium while kids are getting blobbed off the water trampoline in the lake. Its non-stop fun from dusk to dawn.

Our Chenny athletes were busy playing and having fun.

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Lohikan 1

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – Starlight 3 vs. CAW 1

Freshman/Junior Boys Street Hockey – CAW 3 vs. Tioga 1

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 11 vs. Starlight 6

Senior/Super/GC/CIT Boys Tennis – Starlight 4 vs. CAW 1

Super/ Senior Boys LAX – CAW 10 vs. Island Lake 3

Senior Boys Basketball Tourney at CAW

Westmont 27 vs. CAW Gold 17

CAW RED 39 vs. Tioga 30

CAW Gold 28 vs. Tioga 26

CAW RED 38 vs. Westmont 36

CAW RED 47 vs. CAW GOLD 26

Super Boys Soccer – Tioga 7 vs. CAW 1

GC/CIT Boys LAX – Towanda 15 vs. CAW 1

With all we have here, the most important components are being able to do these things with our friends. There was a large group of  Junior girls in jewelry making that spent their time in Arts & Crafts making friendship bracelets for one another. They each picked another camper to make this symbol of friendship for. They all sat around the table weaving threads of beautiful colored string, not for themselves but for their friends. The best part was listening to all of their conversation that was had during this group experience. They chatted and laughed and connected with one another as they spent their time creating something beautiful for a friend. As they finished each bracelet and put it on the wrist of their friend, it bonded them together as they experienced the act of giving something from their heart. How lucky are we to have these moments and experiences to connect with one another.

Chenny’s got Talent and it was our staff who put on the show tonight. There is nothing quite like seeing your counselor on stage singing their heart heart and dancing to entertain us all. Our LAX specialist Hunter said it all after he sang on a stage for the first time in his life. He stood up and said, “This was for my boys in Bunk O. I did this for you tonight and I did something outside my box. Face your fears. If I can do this, so can you”. Needless to say he got a standing ovation!!!!

Chenny out