It was Trip Day at Chenny and all the campers had such a great day.

Our Freshmen and Juniors stayed in camp and had the place all to themselves. They loved every minute of it. It was Ally & Eric Day and they had pool parties, they played dodge ball in The Zone, the had an amazing Wiffle ball tournament, they watched a movie in The Rec Hall and had a ball slipping and sliding down our 100 foot slip and slide. A perfect day spent at camp. They were the big shots at camp today and as I heard one camper say to another, “I miss the big kids, but love having this place all to ourselves!!!” A very special day here just for our youngest campers.

The Middies & Inters spent the day at Camel Beach and had a ball. There were rides, wave pools and of course the Big Toilet Bowl ride was a huge hit. Hanging out at a water park with your campies is just pure joy. Can’t get better than that. When the bus rolled back into camp and everyone was walking arm in arm back to their bunk, you could see the happiness on everyone’s faces. They were exhausted but exhilarated. They just spent the entire day with their friends, making the best memories and still couldn’t get enough of one another as they were going over all the funny details they had experienced TOGETHER! That was the magic of today.

Our Collegiates and Seniors spent their day at Dorney Park. Another homerun of a day, getting to hang out with great friends and play at an amusement park, what could be better than that? I feel privileged to get to see just how much these kids truly enjoy each other and how much fun they have being together

The Supers and GC’s had their own fantasy day spent at the State Park. They hung out, they layed out, they tossed the Frisbee, and they just enjoyed themselves. After this completely enjoyable afternoon spent with great friends it was off to the movies. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Our CIT’s enjoyed their own phenomenal day of breakfast at Binghams, relaxing at the State Park then off for some bowling followed by a great dinner. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Our Head Counselor Brian Leahy tells a great story how going to Disneyland alone, albeit the happiest place on earth, would be miserable and lonely. It truly only comes to life when we experience it with our friends.  Today, all our campers got to experience another magical summer moment that will be with them forever. How lucky we are to have these moments.

Chenny out.