The morning was spent enjoying our activities. The sun was out and it was a hot one. We loved splashing in the pool, jumping on the water trampoline and tubing on the Big Mable. Ask your camper about Big Mable when you arrive at camp this Saturday for visiting day. She is a huge hit this summer.  It was just an amazing morning full of play, play and more play.

Our sports teams had some great competition on the field and the court. We congratulate them for an amazing display of effort and sportsmanship.

Boys 6th Grade Basketball – Independent Lake 25 vs. CAW 23

Boys 6th Grade Soccer – Wayne 6 vs. CAW 2

Girls 6th Grade Softball – Cayuga 16 vs. CAW 5

Boys 7th/8th/9th Grade Hockey – CAW 10 vs. Nesher 3

Our GC Boys enjoyed a 12mile bike tour followed by a refreshing swim in a swim hole at the end of their route. They came back and were elated with their accomplishment. What a great day they had.

It was an outstanding evening at CAW as we had a night of Round Robins. Freshman Boys loved their wiffleballl tourney as they chomped on their Bid League Chew. The Freshman Girls had a night of beauty as the older campers painted their nails, braided their hair and they were all adorned with tiaras and jewels. The Junior girls spent the night playing board games and charades. Middy girls were scrapbooking the Arts & Crafts. It was a dodge-ball-a-thon in the hockey rink for our Junior and Middy boys. All the Inters & Collegiates had a mad game of BINGO in Rec Hall. All of the Seniors spent the night in the Chen-A-Plex watching a great movie together. Super & GC Girls cooked in the Cookhouse. Super & GC Boys spent the night in The Lodge watching some sports and playing card games. The CIT’s got out for the night as they celebrated one of their Birthday’s.

It was another fantastic day and night at this place we all love so much.  We all went to bed knowing that in just a few short hours, we get to wake up here and do it again.

Chenny out.