Trick or Treat

Today was a full day of games and activities. The waterfront was packed and full of happy campers swimming in the lake, getting blobbed off the trampoline and sliding down the water slide.  A picture perfect day at camp. It was too beautiful to eat indoors so we had a picnic dinner outside. The campers were loving the relaxed picnic BBQ and we all enjoyed being outside.

After evening line-up it was off to get dressed up in our Halloween costumes. We all went into the Rec Hall and had a giant costume contest. The costumes were fantastic, creative and fun. The entire camp caught the spirit and as we had the campers walk the runway to show off their creative costumes, our judges were deciding who was to win the fabulous prizes. Each division had a winner and that winner was able to choose a pizza or wings party for their bunk. After the contest it was off to trick or treat. Each group traveled to different spots throughout camp as they filled their bags with candy. The Senior girls held a Haunted House in their bunk as the camp went through the ghoulish maze. It was October in July here at CAW and felt like the best Halloween ever. One that we will remember forever. What could be better than trick or treating with our summer family?

The laughter, the smiles, the memories we will never forget. Our summer is so amazing. How lucky we are to have each other and have this place that truly is our summer home.

Chenny out.