Another Great Day Here at Camp Paradise

You know how some day’s just feel GREAT? It’s in the air and everyone is in a good mood. Well, that was today at Chen-A-Wanda. You couldn’t help but smile all through the day and it was contagious. Fun, fun and more fun!!!

The Supers, GC’s and CIT/Waiters had a great time today at The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. They enjoyed their Big Trip and are headed back to camp. We missed them and are looking forward to seeing them tomorrow morning.

Tonight, we were entertained by our second Camper Talent Show. We couldn’t fit them all into one show so our second half performed tonight and boy what a show it was. We sang, we danced, we told jokes and we had an AMAZING time tonight. The crowd cheered on the performers and sang along with them. The day’s great mood spilled over into the night and again, it was contagious. The audience was on it’s feet, cheering on all the talented kids that took center stage. All who performed, walked off that stage 1000 feet tall. Where else can you muster up the nerve to perform in front of a packed house, sing and dance your heart out and know that the whole camp will be cheering your name? You do it here at camp, that’s where!!!

Chenny out.