The Sun Is Hot & So Is Camp Chen-A-Wanda

It was back to regular activities today. No matter the temperature, we were ready to play. Water bottles were full and everyone was well hydrated. As we are approaching the end of week four, it seems like we’ve been here forever and we just want time to slow down. The days are packed with amazing adventures and memorable experiences that will stay with us forever.

The fields and courts were full of athletic action. We won some…we lost some… but we had great time playing our games today.

Freshmen/Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Lavi 0

Middie Boys Basketball – CAW 19 vs. Tioga 20

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 22 vs. Tioga 24

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW Wins – Marasha forfeit

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Wayne 3

Super Boys  Baseball – CAW 4 vs. Starlight 9

GC/Waiter Boys Basketball – CAW 60 vs. Island Lake 35

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 4

As the sun went down and a cool breeze ran through our camp, we all gathered in the Rec Hall for some crazy funny comedy by John Piza. You could hear roars of laughter, as campers loved tonight’s show. It was the perfect way to end the night. There is nothing quite like watching a Rec Hall full of campers and counselors belly laugh so hard it hurts. Pure joy.

Where in this crazy world can you play a soccer game, learn some new cords on the guitar, then take a banana boat ride with your friends, fly on the trapeze, climb a rock wall, practice your dance for Girls Sing then watch a comedy show? All in just one day. That happens here … Everyday!!!

How grateful we all are to have days like these.

Chenny out.