Chenny Water World

The heat was on high today but that didn’t stop the fun. It was a full day of water activities and we were wet and cool and loved every second of the amazing day we had.

Every camper put on their swimsuit this morning and rotated between all of our water activities. The Aqua Park was full of happy campers. It was a blob fest as camper after camper were getting blobbed and loving it. The higher they flew, the better! Our pool was another ideal place to be. Everyone loved splashing around the pool with their friends today.

The Zone was packed with campers getting soaked with water balloons and super soakers! As water balloons were being launched and everyone was getting soaked, the fun was on overload at The Zone.

After the Zone, they rotated to “Douse Your Counselor.” Counselors were in chairs and a team of campers filled up buckets of water and doused them. The counselors would ring their shirts back into the buckets and it was a race to the finish. It was so much fun for the campers and counselors. A great and fun way to stay wet and cool.

The highlight of today was definitely our 100 foot slip and slide. The slide was downhill on the driving range and it was AWESOME!!! Some flew down on their bellies, some scooted down on their tushies, others took an inner tube ride but no matter how they did it, they had time of their lives. Pure exhilaration, fearlessness and joy were felt today at the slide. There is something quite spectacular about slipping and sliding 100 feet down a giant hill.

Today could go down as one of this summers’ best days!! We beat the heat and had the BEST day. It was all smiles at Chen-A-Wanda as we stayed cool in the heat wave. This is how we make lemonade out of lemons!!!

Chenny out.