The lights were out but the kids were on

Oh what a day we had here at CAW yesterday. It was a rainy morning and the kids were inside playing all different types of games and activities. Lower camp boys had a mass dodge ball tournament inside the Rec Hall. Lower camp girls were in the Chen-A-Plex and Arts n’ Crafts. The Cookhouse was cookin’ and the School of Rock was rockin’. It was the a great indoor morning. The weather let up and we all got some time to run around in the afternoon.

Around 5:30pm, another beautiful summer storm rolled in and all the campers were in their bunks watching in amazement as the skies opened and the rain poured down.  We had a blackout up here and went into action. All the kids had free play until 8:30pm and then it was back to their bunks with flashlights and had a night they will never forget. All you could see as we walked through camp was a sea of flickering flashlights and giggles on girls side and boys singing songs and having dance parties in the dark.  Definitely a night that we will never forget.

The power was restored in the middle of the night and we are back in the groove this morning. We are having a blast here at camp no matter if the sun is shinning or the lights went out. We are all together, experiencing it with each other and loving every minute of it.

Chenny out.