CAW Hits a Homerun of a Day!

We had a great day at camp this morning with activities and games. The schedule was geared around tonight’s baseball game so it was a packed morning then off to Binghamton for the Minor League Mets game. We all boarded the buses around 4:45pm and headed out. The weather was perfect and it was an ideal night to sit back, relax and watch a great baseball game. The campers had a fantastic time as they munched on hot dogs, pretzels and ice cream and cheered on the home team.  It was a perfect summer night.

There is something quite special about spending an evening with 400 terrific campers and a  spectacular staff, all together enjoying a magnificent night of baseball. We are family up here and nights like tonight shows how close we all are. No matter if you are junior or a CIT, we all know one another and are one BIG camp family. It is truly an awesome sight to witness how we are all so connected. When our Collegiate girls were dancing in their seats and shown on the jumbo tron, the rest of our group started to scream in excitement. It was a sea of  red Chenny shirts and boy do we have camp pride.

It’s a brunch morning tomorrow and we are all looking forward to getting a few extra zzzzz’s.

Chenny out.