The Games Have Begun

The weather was perfect today. The forecast said rain but not a drop fell from the sky. Campers enjoyed their normal activities but all the camp chatter was about Olympics 2010. Anticipation was in the air as campers hung around center camp waiting for a breakout. After dinner the campers were at their respective line ups and over the loud speaker the Olympic theme song went blaring through camp. Screams and cheers erupted as our campers knew what was coming next. Olympics was breaking out and the excitement grew stronger. Our head counselors ran an Olympic torch processional all through camp, culminating at a ceremony at the lake court. The ceremony highlight our seven virtues that define Chen-A-Wandas Olympic games. The virtues are:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Dedication
  • Camaraderie
  • Spirit
  • Competition
  • Teamwork
  • Have Fun

The ceremony concluded with our head counselors lighting the Olympic rings and honoring our team captains. Then it was off to tugs-of-war where our spirited campers gave it their all and pulled that rope. The night ended but our campers know that tomorrow will be a full day of Olympic games as Red Canada, Gold South Africa and Green Italy compete for the Camp Chen-A-Wanda Olympic Gold.

This spirit is alive at CAW!!!

Chenny out.