Games…More Games… and Apache Relay!!!

It was a gorgeous day at camp. Perfect weather for the battles that were played throughout camp. Our campers were dressed head to toe in Red, Gold and Green showing their team pride. Faces were painted and all were ready for the days events. You could hear the chants and cheers all through camp. The spirit here at CAW is contagious. By dinner time, only 15 points separated each team from 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. This is a very close race and all the campers know it.

As the sun was setting, it was time for Apache Relay. The pace is intense and the campers were so excited to be a part of the race. The whistle blew and off they went. The campers engaged in 70 events all around camp and no camper was left out of the fun. No matter how big or small their event was, all the parts made up the whole. Together we completed the Apache Relay.

No matter if it was a Junior girl battle of steal the bacon or a Senior boy game of basketball, you see great competition and fantastic sportsmanship. We cheer each team on as they get a victory and applaud those who fell short,   for their valiant effort.  Our campers are giving it everything they have.  One more day of Olympic games. Who will get the gold?  We shall see.

Chenny Out.