Red Canada Wins Olympics!!!

It was another intense day of competition as the campers got into their games.  The race was so close that only 40 points separated the first and third teams as the morning began. Every camper was giving it their all.  It was all about the TEAM today. After a morning of games, it was off to song practice. The teams practiced their Cheer, March and Alma Mater. Getting everyone in unison was the goal for Song. Mid afternoon it was off to the track field for an afternoon of races.  The campers poured their heart and soul into every competition as the rest of their team cheered them on. After a rest, all three teams were down at the Lake Court and it was time for Bucket Brigade.  A camp favorite.

The Olympic games ended as all three teams presented their songs, banner and plaque. Now it was in the hands of judges as the decision of who would win Olympics 2010 was about to be announced. The Rec Hall was packed with our campers dressed head to toe in their team colors waiting on bated breath and all at the edge of their seats. The time had come and the judges had a scooter relay race to announce the winner. It was Red Canada who took the Gold!!! This was one of the closest races in Chen-A-Wanda history.

Final Scores:

  • Red Canada – 1685
  • Gold South Africa – 1674
  • Green Italy – 1671

What we learned from these games were that we all played hard, respected the game, supported each other and believed that in the end it wasn’t just about getting the win but being there for one another. Two and half days ago, we began as Red Canada, Gold South Africa and Green Italy and tonight we are back to being One Camp Family!!!

Chenny out.