You helped make visiting day 2012 absolutely perfect and we thank you. You can feel the love in the air as you ran to your campers and embraced them so tightly. Nothing is quite as special as that moment when we witness that first hug you give your camper. Your kids have been living away form you for three weeks and have been thriving. They have been making decisions on their own and navigating their way through this experience and they have grown. Oh how they have grown.

We hope you enjoyed your day and truly appreciate all of your support. We are having the best time here with your kids and hope you left today seeing just how special this place is and how much we all love doing what we do. It is a joy getting up to bugles and playing wit your children all day long. We have four more weeks of pure bliss here and we aren’t not going to waste a moment of it. Continue enjoying the pictures and videos of what is to come because one thing is for sure, we will be having an absolute ball here at Chen-A-Wanda.

There was so much talent in our Chenny Idol competition; we made the decision to have our Top 4 move on to the finals. Congratulations to Daisy Chaskin, Daniel Gur, Julia Bromley and Two Direction. We are excited to see what you bring to the stage.

Thank you again for making today so very special.

Chenny out.