You can’t escape the excitement of what is happening tomorrow. Everyone is getting to see his or her families and the feeling is tangible. We are all so excited for what tomorrow will bring.

Even with the anticipation of tomorrow, we were able to play some great games.

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Soccer – Poyntelle 3 vs. CAW 0

Boys 6th Grade Softball – Tyler Hill 10 vs. CAW 3

Girls 6th Grade Basketball – CAW 24 vs. Westmont 8

Girls 7th Grade Basketball – Westmont 21 vs. CAW 18

Boys 7th Grade Tennis – Westmont 4 vs. CAW 1

Girls 8th Grade Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Poyntelle 2

Congratulations to our Campers of the Week. You shined and were outstanding this week. You are an example to be followed. Great work.

Girls Side

Bunk A – Sarah Kaplansky

Bunk B – Lily Isacson

Bunk C – Carly Arends

Bunk D – Laine Brodsky

Bunk E – Julia Warshauer

Bunk F – Anna Kaplan

Bunk G – Kate Richman & Kelsey Silver

Bunk H – Rachel Platt & Jolie Dinow

Bunk I – Skylay Kohn & Maya Cohen

Bunk J – Haylie Baum

Bunk K – Julia Kaplansky

Bunk L – Skylar Bloom & Olivia Metzger

Bunk M – Carly Wills & Sam Snedekker

Bunk N – Elliana Sutton & Amanda Behrens

Bunk O – Amanda Model

Bunk P – Haily Zion & Gabby Vargas

Bunk Q – Ashley Epstein & Hannah Siegel

Bunk R – Dani Beck, Morgan Perlman & Lindsay Sandler

Bunk S – Brooke Singer & Sara Harris

CIT – Paige Mandel


Boys Side

Bunk A – Zachary Keschner

Bunk B- Brady Weiss

Bunk C – Sam Isen

Bunk D – Colby Frankel

Bunk E – Alex Kapusta

Bunk F – Evan Marcus

Bunk G – Wolf Cukier

Bunk H – Matthew Haber

Bunk I – Jason Tantleff

Bunk J – Jacob Werner

Bunk K – Brent Goldstein

Bunk L – Reed Dooskin

Bunk M – Jordan Myles

Bunk N –  Sammy Metzger

Bunk O – Fisher Filippazzo

Bunk P – Jared Kohn

Bunk Q – Jakob Rubenstein

Bunk R – Kyle Stern

CIT – Dan Shulman

Tonight, our talented Chenny Idol Top 10 performers entertained us. They sang their hearts out and we loved every minute of it.  Chenny definitely has talent and a lot of it! There were solos, duos and group performances that blew the roof off the house. We are so proud of the singers who took the stage and equally proud of the audience who gave respect and gratitude to all those who sang with everything on their heart. What a night we had. You can actually feel the love we all have for each other.

We are so excited to see you all tomorrow. Welcome to your children’s summer home!

Chenny out.