Sportsmanship Rules at Chenny

Watching our kids thrive as they play sports here at Chenny can warm your heart and make you believe again in the power and purpose of sport. Sports allows our children to belong to a team, it provides working with others for a common goal, it allows our kids to have an outlet physically and enhances their lives when used in it’s proper  intention. I think we have all witnessed sports being a great stress for our kids at home at times and when you see them play here you are reminded why playing for the pure love of it is so powerful. I watched our kids play today and I saw them soar. I watched their faces when they hit that shot and I also saw them cope when the ball just wouldn’t go in. There were no angry coaches, there was no disappointment. There was no yelling or screaming. They learned that it’s really ok if they just couldn’t  score this time and they showed such incredible sportsmanship, it would make you proud. Our Inter girls were playing in basketball finals vs. Lavi and we were down 14 – 0 after the first quarter. We couldn’t get anything to drop. Regardless of the score, they were encouraged, they were supported and they were coached and it may be a total coincidence that with this approach our kids won the game. Or maybe there was no coincidence at all. We believed in them and they believed in themselves. You heard our basketball specialist tell them how good they are and to believe that they can comeback and win this game and that is what these girls did. No intimidation, no threats, no disappointing looks from the bench and they came back with such spirit, it was awesome to see. But the real beauty was after the game as they wanted to cheer, jump and celebrate their victory they immediately composed themselves, got in a line, shook the hand of their opponents and thanked each one of them for a great game ending with “have a great rest of your summer.” I was blown away with their graciousness and sportsmanship. As the opposing team headed out, I overheard their coaches talking about what nice kids we have and how impressed they were with the level of sportsmanship they showed. Our girls won that game but the benefits of what will be lasting inside of each one of them, goes way beyond the final score.

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 28 vs. Lavi 22 – CHENNY WINS WAYNE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Collegiate Girls Soccer  Finals  – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 6

GC/CIT Tennis – CAW4 @ Weequahic 1

Inter Boys Basketball (Red) – CAW 34 @ Westmont 11

Inter Boys Basketball (Gold) – CAW 26 @ Westmont 19

Collegiate Boys Basketball (Red) – CAW 61 vs. Westmont 32

Collegiate Boys Basketball (Gold) – CAW 35 vs. Westmont 17

Tonight was our annual Powder Puff Game – GC’s vs. CIT’s. They had such a great time as the girls played flag football and the boys were cheerleaders and kept the crowd going. The campers watched an intense and exciting game of football. In true Chenny form, the music was bumping, the free giveaways were in full force and the spirit was on high. It was Friday Night Lights on a Thursday. The girls and boys put on a show but the GC’s have serious bragging rights as they pulled out a win with a 21 – 7 victory. All in great fun. These groups showed heart and serious camp spirit.

We have a full house again as the Supers arrived back home tonight from their incredible trip to Virginia Beach and Washington D.C. They rolled off the buses with the hugest smiles telling us that this was the BEST TRIP EVER. Nothing made us more happy than knowing this group of incredible campers had a journey they loved and appreciated. What an incredible day we all had.

Chenny out