Chenny found The Voice

It was brunch day and we all loved the extra sleep. The pace of camp is fast and furious so when we get to sleep in we all love it and today was that day. We rolled out of bed at 10am and headed into the Lodge for a very delicious brunch. Then it was off to activities and a full day of crazy Chenny fun. The campus was buzzing between The Voice Finals tonight and Girls Sing tomorrow night. There is so much going here and  everyone is involved. You just gotta love camp and you gotta really love Chenny. This place where your children spend their summers is full of so many things happening you can go form one incredible activity to the next in the matter of moments. It is truly one incredible place we all call home and with only 2 more weeks to go, we are getting it all in and enjoying every single minute. Life is just great here and we have 14 more days to live it up at Chenny and that is what we plan on doing.

Now onto our sports scores of the day:

Middy Girls Basketball (Gold)  CAW 10 vs. Tioga 24

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 49 vs. Nesher 9 CAW WINS CHAMPIOSHIP!!

GC/CIT Girls LAX – CAW 8 @ Starlight 13

Middy Boys Baseball  – CAW 9 @ Wayne 1

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 56 @ Tioga 33

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 0 @ Starlight 8

Super Boys Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Milford NJ 0 – CAW is going to the Finals!!

It was time to honor and recognize our Kind Campers. This is really catching on with over 300 nominations. I see camper standing around the  nomination box in droves and kindness is catching in at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. There isn’t a day when a camper or 5 tell me the kind things they saw other campers do that day. As a Director it fills my heart with joy to see our camp family embrace this project and as a mom, it makes my heart melt to see our kids love to do kind things for others. It has caught on and we are all riding the Kindness wave!!!! Congratulations to this weeks Kindest Campers: Skylar Fensterstock, Kaley Morabito, Casey Kaplan, Sydney Aranoff, Zach Parker, Brooke Kanganis, Alex Cohen, Corrine Packel, Sam Metzger, Elaina Hamuy, Sylvie Slotkin, Tyler Wolff, Lexi Heifler, Hunter Galan, Reid Feldman, Max Gutman, Jaclyn Marpet, Ben Kimmelman, Merri Grill, Rachel Garfield. Their faces say it all when their name is called and inn front of the entire camp and they get awarded a Kind Camper T-shirt that was all nominated by their peers. It is awesome to see and bear witness to watching kindness spread at our camp. Kindness matters here and our campers are leading the way!

We have so many talented campers here and they put on a show tonight. It was The Chenny Voice and boy do we have some incredible voices. All 13 of our finalists took the stage and sang their heart out. They were fearless and phenomenal. They  engaged us and entertained us. They were just brilliant and tonight was all about our Voices. After all the finalists sang, the vote was in our campers hands and tonights winners went to duet singers Dasiy Chaskin and Jordan Leeds. We are so proud of every one of them that took that stage and gave us their hearts tonight as they sang with confidence and poise. What a night we all had. It was just another perfect Chenny night!!!

Chenny Out