Girls Sing…A Night We Will Never Forget

It is getting closer to the end and you can see everyone making sure every moment and activity count. Our campers are up and active and participating in ever single activity. With only 2 weeks left, you can feel the eagerness to make it all count. Life is just great here and these last 13 days matter to each one of us. There is no sitting on the sidelines, we are all in the game!!

Just a few games today:

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 31 @ Tioga 15

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW  2 @ Equinunk 3

The night was all about Girls Sing and it was spectacular. The pride, the joy and the honor of this night was tremendous. Each division worked so hard and it showed. When boys side sat in awe for 2 hours, you know it was entertaining and awesome. The support boys side gives girls side is just breathtaking. From our adorable freshmen through our crazy talented CIT’s, they all brought the house down. I could never bring justice to describing the bonds these girls have with one another but watching them up on stage perform together allows us all to witness it for ourselves.  They have all created a sisterhood that will follow them throughout their lives. The decision to pick winners was beyond difficult, after an agonizing discussion from our boy Group leaders Junior’s won for lower camp and Supers won for upper camp. Congratulation to both divisions who just did amazing tonight. From the alma maters to the dances and from the costumes to the choreography, tonight was insane. Girl’s side rocked it.

Though the CIT’s didn’t win tonight, they pulled on every heartstring in Shields Hall. They brought us all to tears with their emotional performance and ended the show with such grace and dignity. Tonight was their last Girls Sing and they opened their hearts and souls to us. You could have heard a pin drop during their performance. As they finished their performance they sat side by side singing their last song, you could actually feel the bonds they have built with each other  and their love for one another took center stage. Their careers as camper is now coming to an end and we can say with certainty that watching this group for years was like seeing a flower bloom. From the smallest seeds to the most beautiful bouquet, this group blossomed. These 21 girls, each so different from each other but all found common ground and built this community of friendship between them. It is exactly how you want your camp journey to go. These young women are incredible people who we are so proud of. Our hearts grew bigger tonight as we bear witness to something magical happening in front of our eyes. You saw the faces of every camper who sat in awe of our CIT girls tonight and wanted to be them, to have what they have. Camp Chen-A-Wanda is a better place with their presence and it is not goodbye, it will never be goodbye. Their journey will take a shift but Chenny is forever in their hearts and they have left an indelible mark that will never be forgotten. We say to this amazing group of young women, thank you for making a difference here.

Chenny out