45 Minutes

When I try and capture what I will write about in my daily blog, I typically observe our campers and am able to describe to you at home what has happened here at camp that day but today I was compelled to play so I jumped in. There was a group of Collegiate girls sitting playing cards and I just had to join. They taught me a few ard games I have never heard of. These 4 girls and I had the absolute best time playing card games for 45 minutes. There was not a care in the world for those 45 minutes. As they each explained the games to me, I kinda felt like a camper as we all sat indian style playing card games in front of Arts & Crafts. No distractions , no ringing phones or buzzing devices and I even turned off my walkie talkie for that 45 minutes. I haven’t sat and played cards laughing and giggling for a very long while and as my point of view is normally of our campers and the great benefits that occur for them being here, tonight I am speaking to you at home. Put those devices down, step away from your computers and learn a few new card games. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to just and play. The world didn’t end and all was ok without my immediate attention for those 45 minutes. I was energized and silly for 45 minute. These kids may really be onto something. So I have made a commitment when life returns to normal as of August 15th, I will carve out 45 minutes to sit indian style with my girls, unplug and play some card games.

Sports Sports Sports…….

Freshman/Junior Girls Tennis – CAW 5 @ Tioga 0

Middy Girls Basketball – CAW 26 @ Starlight 6 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!

Collegiate Girls Basketball (Gold) – CAW 6 @ Tioga 24

Middy Boys Soccer Championship Match – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 3 (CAW Lost 5-4 on penalty kicks)

Inter Boys Baseball Championship Match – CAW 10 vs. Starlight 15

Collegiate Boys Baseball Championship Match – CAW 1 @ Starlight 2

Super Boys Soccer  – CAW 2 @ Trails End 4

It was time to honor our Camper of The Week. It is always a pleasure watching the faces of these outstanding campers receive their very well deserved awards!!!!

Freshmen      Alexa Klein                     Jake Chafetz

Juniors          Summer Housenbold    Brett Hafkin

Middies         Jessica Locker                 Tyler Jurist

Inters             Chloe Ross                       Brett Sachs

Collegiates   Alexa Plotkin                    Ben Peskin

Seniors         Maddy Grabow                 Jayson Stern

Supers          Olivia Hornik                   Drew Sandler

GC’s              Cami Oresky                    Ethan Greenfield

CIT’s are on their incredible trip to Lake George

Tonight was an incredible night as we had out Head Staff Lip Sync Battle. There were 5 that had advanced and were ready to put on a show tonight. The winner won an ice cream party for the division they represented. Basketball Director Troy Tonsil represented the Freshman, Assistant Head Counselor Kevin Breen represented the Juniors, Athletic Director Ashley Milks represented the Middies, Activities Coordinator Stephen Grossman represented the Collegiates and Head Counselor Paul Elmendorf represented the Seniors. Each performed 2 songs and the competition was fierce and so much fun. It was so close and literally came down to the last performance of the night as Troy Tonsil sealed the deal as Chenny Lip Sync Champion!!! The Freshmen went nuts with excitement and pride as their guy won the show, not to mention the ice cream party that is coming their way. Another amazing night spent at the best place in the world!!!

Chenny out