It's Showtime

It is crazy to think that in just 12 days your children will be back home with you. It feels like we have been here forever and living in this Chen-A-Wanda bubble is nearing the last phase for summer 2015. With only such short time to go, we are gearing up for some insane days ahead. 12 days is still an eternity here with Color War, the Circus show, Chenny Globes, Late Night With Leahy and of course Banquet, we have some serious great times ahead of us. So the game plan is to live it up, laugh a lot and spend as much time with our friends we call our summer family. Boy is life great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

And now from our Chen-A-Wanda sports desk:

Inter Girls Soccer Championship Match – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 0 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Collegiate Girls Softball – CAW 11 vs. B’nai Brith 1

Middy Boys Soccer (Gold) – CAW 3 vs. Tioga 4

Inter Boys Tennis (Gold) – CAW 2 vs. Tioga 3

Collegiate Boys Tennis  (Gold) РCAW 2 vs. Tioga 3

Collegiate Boys Soccer Championship Match – CAW 7 vs. Equinunk 1 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Seniors Boys Baseball Championship Match – CAW 2 vs. Equinunk 3

Tonight’s evening activity was our summer production of High School Musical. Our campers took center stage and sang, acted and danced. The packed house was singing along with every song. We clapped and cheered along ¬†with this awesome cast who had so many memorable moments tonights. Whenever our campers are on stage, everyone gets behind them. It is what makes this camp a family.We knew how much time, effort and dedication our actors put into this production and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone who performed tonight. Bravo to the cast and we thank you for putting on quite a fun show tonight.

Chenny out.