Chenny's Last Trip Day for 2015 Is In The Books

Our last trip day has come and gone and it is bitter sweet as we all know what that means. Summer is winding down. It is crazy to think our summer is almost over but of our trips today were just awesome. We kept our Freshmen back at camp so they ran show here and loved it. It was a day full of chocolate making, playing games at the Zone and we even brought in a Zoo mobile with the coolest animals . There was a snake, an armadillo and a skink and so many other cool animals that the kids had never seen up close. We sent them on a alphabet hunt followed by a movie in the Chen-A-Plex. It was an early night for our littlest campers and with what is coming up around the corner, they needed the extra sleep. What a great day our Freshies had.

Our Juniors and Middies had a blast of a day at Camel Beach. The weather was warm so a day spent at a water park was just perfect. The park was empty so getting on rides was as easy as 1,2,3. They swirled around the giant Toilet Bowl and raced down the Triple Venom and relaxed as they floated around the Blue Nile Lazy River. It was such a great day for our Cherokee campers.

Our Inters and Collegiates spent their morning at the State park lounging and relaxing at the beach. They caught some rays, tossed the frisbee around with friends and cooled off in the gorgeous lake. It was an absolutely perfect summer day then it was off to the movies to see this summer latest blockbusters. What could be better than a day at the lake followed by a night at the movies, all with our friends that makes time just fly by.

The Seniors, Supers and  GC’s spent their day at Dorney Park. They had an absolute great day too as they rolled of the buses with giant stuffed animals they won at the park. Can you think of anything that is more fun than to spend a day at an amusement park with all your friends when you are a 13,14 or 15 years old. Not a care in the world, just riding a roller coaster or playing an arcade game. Doesn’t get better than that.

Our CIT’s came home from their incredible adventure to Lake George. This was the first time we sent a group on this trip and they couldn’t tell us fast enough how amazing this trip was. The trip was full of adventure as they white water rafted, climbed incredible adventure courses and zip lined through the dense forest. It was another once in a  lifetime trip taken by this incredible group of kids who just had their very last trip as campers her at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. There were lots of emotions as they rolled off the buses. Most was excitement and exhilaration as they are ending their camper career here in the highest high!!!

It’s not quite over yet with our incredible circus show tomorrow and a few other fun things we have up our sleeves. It is so great to have everyone back home safe and sound back in their bunks as we head into the last and final stage of summer 2015.  Just when you think it cant better, it does!!!

Chenny out