Cirque de Chenny

With only 9 days left you think we would be winding down, but we don’t think so. Not a chance. As long as we are here, we are going strong and making every moment count. It feels like we’ve been here forever and just got here at the same time. Crazy how that works but we haven’t a moment to waste. There is more to do and we are getting on it with it. Camp is full of smiling happy kids and for 9 days this is what it will be. You can bank on it!!!!

It was a a great day for Chenny sports today. Here’s the days scores:

Middy Girls Soccer Tournament @ Westmont – CAW Places 1st!!!

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Lohikan 0 – CAW Wins Championship!!!

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Bryn Mawr 5

Middy Boys Soccer – Westmont Soccer Invitational – CAW Places 1st!!!

Inter Boys Basketball –  CAW 46 vs. Tioga 22

Senior Boys Soccer (Gold) – CAW 2 @ Tioga 11

GC/CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 15 @ Starlight 11

When I say that our Chenny Circus Show was the best evening activity yet, I am not exaggerating. Each year it gets better and that is hard to do.  The production, the storyline, music and costumes were phenomenal but to see our kid’s flying high was breathtaking. Tonight’s theme was Under The Sea and each act connected to the next as they shared the story of creatures under the sea. Our campers were the stars of the show and to see how they performed was just stunning. Campers come here with some skills in traditional sports or in the arts but to see what they learn here at Circus and be able to perform at such a high level is awe-inspiring. The cast of tonight’s show, just amazed, entertained us and took our breath away. We are so proud of them. You could hear a pin drop as all eyes were on them in pure amazement. Hats off to our talented Circus Staff Rodrigo, Annie, Arturo, Elisa and Michael for their commitment and incredible ability in teaching our kids how to fly. You can’t miss the video as you will see a show like no other.

There was lots of chatter of possible fake outs and when each camper thinks the breakout will come. As the campers were prepared and convinced a fake out was to happen tonight as they kept searching for one, they will have to continue their wait. The anticipation is getting to them. There is one thing that our campers can expect.. is the unexpected!!!!! Looks like a Color War may be right around the corner.

Chenny Out