And The Chenny Globe Goes To…..

We are getting it all in and with only 8 days left there isn’t much time. Someone wake us up and say it isn’t so but the calendar doesn’t lie. A Freshmen camper came up to me today and said it so perfectly,”I feel like I’m just getting started, how can we be leaving in a week?” as he followed that with, “Is there any way you and Jon would make a school up here.” We completely get it as this place gets into your heart and makes you never want to leave. He’s not alone in how he feels so rather than worry about the clock ticking away, we are living in the moment and loving every second!!!

Now from our sports desk:

Freshmen/Junior Girls Soccer (Gold ) CAW 2 vs Tioga 0

Collegiate Girls Softball  CAW 7 @ Blue Ridge 10

Collegiate Girls Lacrosse CAW 2 @ Tioga 8

Super Girls Basketball  CAW 48 vs Tioga 36

Middy Boys Soccer (Red) – CAW 7 @ Westmont 0

Middy Boys Soccer (Gold) – CAW 1 @ Westmont 1 (CAW lost in penalty kicks 2-3)

Middy Boys Tennis (Gold) – CAW 0 @ Tioga 5

Inter Boys Softball Championship Match – CAW 7 @ Westmont 0 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Around this time of summer, there is a constant paranoia about when this Color War is breaking. Everything is a clue and everyone is watching. Anything that seems out of place or strange becomes the focal point to what may be breaking out at any minute. It is beyond fun watching this heightened sense of excitement and then dismay when nothing actually happens. So in true Chenny spirit, during dinner, nothing that out of the ordinary occurred until….the giant screen in the Lodge turned on and the screams started!!! A video of old Coke & Pepsi commercials played while kids were chanting, “We Want Color War” It was dramatic and powerful. It was intense and persuasive. Could this be it? Is this what we all have been waiting for? Head staff all dressed in Red and Gold ran quickly throughout The Lodge selectively handing out Coke & Pepsi to every single camper. There was confusion and music and chants and cheers and then Associate Director Brian Leahy gets on the mic and speaks of these two giant beverage company battling it out for many many years. He has Red team hold up there Cokes and the Gold team hold their Pepsi’s high and then just when everyone was waiting, another video played this… COLOR WAR… 2015.. IS……NOT TONIGHT!!! Enjoy your beverage! The place erupted and there wasn’t a camper in the Lodge that didn’t love that Fakeout!!!! This was an insane one. Ask your kids about it and they will agree, it was just awesome. But they will all have to wait just a little bit longer for the real breakout…

We had amazing night as it was the Chenny Globes and the stars were out. It is our annual awards show and the kids love it. There is a red carpet, paparazzi and of course the Globes.  Nobody know who is nominated in 10 categories and the audience just goes crazy when those names are read. Campers dress up for the big night, as this is a real deal Hollywood-esque celebrity show. Without further adieu, Tonight’s Chenny Globes goes to:

Camp Clown – Lexi Heifler & Justin Horowitz

Most likely to Save the World – Lily Glickman & Josh Polansky

Most likely to become President – Sammi Leon & Corey Ash

Best Hair – Kylie Richardson & Tyler Skrief

Most likely to have a Minion Following–Bella DeRose & Matt Rosen

Future Head Staff – Molly Williams & Lincoln Williams

Dynamic Duo – Molly Rouder/Amanda Scheman & Daniel Greenfield/Max Secular

Best Siblings – Matthew & Olivia Leviss & Jillian, Abby & Emma Baskind

Best Camp Spirit – Blair Mittleberg & Matthew Kellner

Most likely to Brighten your Day – Ashley Sukoff & Scott Pinsk

So another phenomenal day is in the books for summer 2015. No if our campers can just have that Color War they have been chanting about, all will great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. 1,2,3,4 our campers are desperate for a Color War!!!!! They may not have to wait too long now….. all great things are worth the wait.

Chenny out