Red Cowboys vs. Gold Indians

The air was crisp, the sun had just risen over Fiddle Lake and it was time to wake up our campers and counselors to Color War. At exactly 7:00am a traditional Native American chants and songs were played over the loud speaker until every single person on this camp flew out of their bunks and headed to center camp. You could hear campers screaming with joy that this is it, COLOR WAR IS HERE!!! When they got to center camp, they saw a group of Indians making beats on their drums, standing in front of a massive tipi. It was awesome and campers knew this was no takeout. As our Indian Chief made a declaration for War, the Coboys were a hooting’  and a hollerin’ in a old time wagon as they were driven into camp by four majestic clydesdales. It was an incredible sight to see these giant horses pulling our Cowboys into an meanwhile our Indians were fierce and focused. As the Cowboys exited the wagon, they squared off with the Indians and a war was about to begin. We are definitely more lovers than fighters so what better way to start a Color War that to have a Riff Off and that is exactly what we did. It was perfect and our campers any along as they watched Head Staff battle it out Chenny style. And just like that, we had ourselves a Color War!!

The morning started with Tugs of War. There were chants and grunts  from our Indians as they fiercely pulled that rope while the Cowboys were holding on as they were rustling cattle yelling Ye Ha. Everyone was in the spirit and after this incredible display of force, passion and dedication to their team, scores were announced at launch and for the first time in Chen-A-Wanda history, Tugs of War was split evenly with each team earning 150 points. It looks like it is going to be one close War.

The day was packed with games and everyone was in it. You could feel the spirit on camp today and day 1 of of Color War 2015 was off to an incredible start.  It was mass games tonight with BBG, kickball, softball, flag football, basketball and sand volleyball. And just to add more fun to the night after mass games, it was contest night with races, balloon pops, hip pity hops, flying turtles and dizzy lizzy’s and more. The laughter that emanated from Shields Hall was contagious and infectious. Your kids a GREAT day today and it is just the beginning. So Color War 2015 is off to an amazing start and your kids are the stars of the show. Color War IS camp and we are in it to win it!!!

Chenny out