Singin' in the Rain

The morning was beautiful and we had some great games at camp today. Congratulations to our 4th grade girls who won their soccer game this morning to advance into the finals later this week. They were so excited and we are so proud of them. Soon after the game, down came the rain. We went into our rain activities for the afternoon. Relay races in the Rec Hall, games in the Dinning Hall and movies in the Chen-A-Plex. A great and relaxed afternoon at CAW.

As the sun set, we all got into our grass skirts and leis and headed into the Rec Hall for our mid summer social Luau.  We had Party Hardy here spinning the records and bringing the beats to Chen-A-Wanda.  The Rec Hall was bumpin’ and the kids were dancin’ all night long. It was great to rock the night away. We love it up here.

Chenny out.